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Yoga & Massage For Mind-Body Balance

The “Yo” in Yomassage™ is based on the principles of yoga: focus on the breath (pranayama) and the yogic philosophy of looking within. The combination of touch, gentle stretch, and mindfulness provide an avenue for relaxation and healing.

The intention behind YoMassage is to make therapeutic touch accessible. With Yomassage, clients can receive therapeutic touch in a group environment, fully clothed, while relaxing in restorative positions and practicing mindfulness & meditation. Offering massage in a small group setting creates a safe, grounded and welcoming environment for clients.


60 Minute Session | $33

75 Minute Session | $44

90 Minute Session | $55


60 Minute Session | $70

90 Minute Session | $100



Join us for a transformative experience through YoMassage! Your therapist will walk you through a series of comfortable and supported Yomassage positions that will be held for 5-10 minutes. While you are relaxing in these positions, your therapist will guide you through breathwork and mindfulness exercises as they walk around and massage you in each position. You will end the class having received a full body massage, and feeling a state of ultimate relaxation.

YoMassage classes are kept small so each client receives individual attention from their therapist. Sessions at Indigo & Ivy are kept to 3-5 clients. Clients can expect a warm room with gentle lighting and soft music. Everything will be provided for you, so there is no need to bring anything.

YoMassage classes are suitable for all levels, no experience required.