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Balance & Restore The Mind, Body & Spirit

Prices are for 30 | 60 | 90 Minutes


Light to Medium Touch

Each relaxation session here at Indigo & Ivy is perfectly tailored to meet your individual body needs. Whether you are seeking relief from aches & pains or simply looking for a much deserved rest & reset, you can be sure your therapeutic needs will be met. Each relaxation session features beautiful Ayurvedic oils and salves, custom essential oil blends, aromatic steamed towels and both Eastern & Western massage techniques for the ultimate holistic experience. 

$50 | $75 | $110


Firm to Deep Touch

At Indigo & Ivy, we bring a unique, holistic approach to our deep tissue sessions. Your practitioner will utilize mindful techniques from both the East & West to reach deeper layers of muscles and tissues for long lasting relief from pain and tension. Simple breathwork techniques are incorporated to enhance the therapeutic benefit of this deeper practice. Each deep tissue session features Ayurvedic herbal oils and balms that targets sore & overused muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as custom essential oil blends and therapeutic steamed towels.

$60 | $95 | $125


Touch Pressure Varies

Our CBD botanical massage incorporates the power of plant medicine with the power of therapeutic touch. Each session features LEEF full spectrum CBD oil, A CBD joint salve and a CBD cooling pain relief cream. Steamed towels are utilized in this session to deeper penetrate the therapeutic benefits of cannabidol extracts. The hands on pressure level of this services varies on individual needs.

$70 | $100 | $150


Gentle Touch, Stretch, Breath

Enjoy gentle therapeutic massage combined with restorative stretch, meditation & mindfulness. In this one on one session, we will flow through 5-6 restorative yoga-inspired postures all while practicing breathwork and meditation for full mind, body & spirit calibration. As you melt into each posture, your practitioner will facilitate beautifully inspired massage & bodywork. Individualized aromatherapy, steamed towels, and more luxurious amenities are incorporated into your session for ultimate bliss. 

$50 | $70 | $100