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Founded in 2018, Indigo & Ivy is a massage & mindfulness studio focused on Ayurvedic healing and body positivity. All offerings at Indigo & Ivy are curated to inspire healing of mind, body & spirit. 

Our philosophy is based on the simple truth that the optimum way to improve our health is to honor our bodies. We infuse Vedic wisdom, holistic wellness and body therapies into all aspects of Indigo & Ivy for complete healing of mind, body & spirit. 

At Indigo & Ivy we celebrate the natural diversity and beauty of all body shapes and sizes. Our practice is inclusive of humans all shapes, sizes, sexual orientation, & gender identities. 

What sets Indigo & Ivy apart from other wellness studios is that we are more than just massage therapists - we are healers. This is our gift and our life’s purpose to share. Our holistic treatments are more than just massages. Come share space with us and experience the transformation for yourself.



Studio Owner & Healing Artist

Hannah founded Indigo & Ivy in 2018 with a vision to bring ancient wisdom and modern self care to Southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas. 

As a wellness practitioner, Hannah has a wide variety of modalities and knowledge to draw from to create individualized treatment plans for clients from all walks of life.

Her alignment as a healer lies in facilitating wellness education for clients in bodies of all shapes, sizes and identities. As someone with a bigger body in the wellness space, Hannah's goal is to guide clients to connect in gratitude with their bodies and explore what wellness may look like and feel like for them as a unique being.

When you work with Hannah, expect nothing but positive affirmation and to feel welcome, accepted & understood. 

Education -

A.S. in Holistic Massage Therapy - Nashua Community College, 2016

Certified YoMassage Therapist - YoMassage, 2019

Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2020

Certified Ayurvedic Herbalist - Heart of Herbs Academy, 2020

Image by Dani Costelo


Indigo & Ivy was founded in 2018 in Nashua, NH with the intention to bring holistic Ayurvedic wellness to Southern New Hampshire & surrounding areas.

The color indigo represents intuition and integrity which are values we hold close to our hearts at Indigo & Ivy; nourishing and healing the body requires both these traits. Indigo has a powerful influence over opening the third eye and encourages a meditative state of deep consciousness. Holistic massage is a powerful tool when it comes to soothing and affecting the nervous system as well as Eastern energetics present throughout the body in a similar manner.

In coordination, Ivy is a thriving botanical known symbolically for its healing and protective qualities. Ivy perseveres in places many other plants cannot. Much like the human body and spirit, its resilience and determination guides itself through challenging obstacles to attain nourishment and light.