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Each massage is a learning experience, and tuning into the body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. Indigo & Ivy offers personalized sessions for client's specific set of concerns that will bring the body, mind & spirit back into alignment.

From the moment you enter our healing space, your mind, body & spirit will be brought to a state of ease & grace.

Essential oils are incorporated into each service to address emotional & mental blockages. Crystals can be placed on the body to energetically charge & open the chakra system. Energetic work is utilized to provide the body with an extra boost of clarity, relief & peace. Tuning forks are featured to invoke inspiration & a meditative state of being.

Each session features an extensive wellness consultation prior to any bodywork to determine each clients individual needs & goals. Time is set aside at the conclusion of each treatment for self care recommendation, client inquiry and gratitude & affirmation. 

Our holistic treatments are more than just massages. Come share space with us and experience the transformation for yourself. 

Please click here to complete your client intake paperwork and review studio policies prior to your initial service. 


Are you feeling the call to prioritize mental, physical & spiritual health but are unsure where to start? Schedule a complimentary wellness consultation where we will discuss your goals & aspirations for your wellness journey.