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Regular massage works wonder for our minds, bodies, and spirits. In order to experience lasting treatment results and encourage your body to function at its highest possible capacity, at home care is crucial. Below are some methods we've had success with. Please remember to consult with your physician before incorporating anything new into your self care ritual.


Hydration - Although this is a given for many of us, we often forget how critical it is to keep our bodies functioning optimally. Water plays an important role in lubricating our joints, aiding our kidneys in removing waste, energizing the mind and even improving mood. 

CBD - Pain relief, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammation; do we need to say more? CBD, either used topically or ingested works magic in the body! Click here to purchase from our fav CBD company, Soul CBD!

Epsom Salt Soak - Who doesn't love the idea of a quiet soak in the bath? Epsom salt works by allowing the body to absorb magnesium through the skin. Benefits include pain relief from sore muscles and aching joints. Baths in general can be beautifully meditative; incorporating essential oils, candles, or breath work can take your experience to the next level. Incorporate DollyMoo handmade bath bombs & oils to take your bath game to the next level!



Mindfulness & Meditation - Being present in your own body is essential for total body relaxation. Practicing mindfulness and regular meditation is a powerful tool to feel out your body's areas of congestion and breath into those space to find relief. 

Daily Gratitude - Bringing to light that which you are thankful for is such an empowering tool to enhance empathy and reduce negativity. Actively practicing gratitude can also increase your self-esteem and strengthen your relationships. 

Unplug & Unwind - Taking time to be present without your phone or computer can lift such a weighted feeling. You'll be amazed at how freeing even 30 minutes with no tech can be!  


Yoga - When it comes to the mind, body, and spirit, yoga checks all the boxes! Feel both physical and emotional tension melt away with each asana. Simply put, yoga feeds the soul. 

Plant Based Eating - Honoring the creatures we share our planet with translates into respect and honor for ourselves. Even if you simply partake in Meatless Monday, it's a powerful, small step to a cruelty free life!

Give & Share - Whether you are of service to your fellow humans, animals, the environment, or all the above, you are making a difference. Find ways to give that speak to you, speak to your heart, and you will always be empowered. 

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