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Reiki Treatment


Ayurveda (ah-yer-vey-duh), known as the Science of Life, is the holistic healing system of ancient India.
At Indigo & Ivy, our Ayurvedic passion lies in the truth that it's not a trend but a tried & true wisdom that has bloomed over the last 5,000 years while still maintaining the integrity of an ageless health system. 
Visit our sacred space located in downtown Nashua, NH to experience & honor the timeless practices of Ayurveda and the mental, physical & spiritual benefits that it provides.



Our signature treatment ritual that embodies complete mind, body & spirit nourishment. Experience traditional anointment of warm herbal oils deeply infused into the body through gentle, flowing Abhyanga-styled strokes. Find true balance and replenishment of energy, in addition to soothing of the nervous system, enhanced circulation & full body detox.

$85 | 60 Minutes

$115 | 90 Minutes


This nourishing treatment ritual eases the head, neck & shoulders, manifesting a sense of balance and lightness in both body & mind. Warm Bhringraj oil is poured through the hair & scalp and mindfully massaged in to release tension and blockages. Find openness in the third eye and crown chakras. The perfect experience for those experiencing headaches, fatigue, stress, scalp conditions, electronic overuse and more. 

$60 | 30 Minutes


This gentle & uplifting facial & scalp massage treatment is an ancient Ayurvedic practice meant to balance the chakras, doshas & skin pH level. Enjoy steamed towels, a CBD facial elixir & a custom herbal facial serum specific to your mind-body needs applied with a sacred Kansa wand. Experience plumper, smoother skin with increased circulation & lymph drainage!

$60 | 30 Minutes


Traditionally known as Garshana, this classic treatment ritual exfoliates the skin, detoxifies the body & enhances circulation. Enjoy a full body dry brush massage followed by a gentle application of herbal oils. A beautiful treatment option for seasonal wellness & immunity boosting. Includes a natural body brush to continue this self care practice at home.

$60 | 45 Minutes